A custom CRM and project management platform made for the solar industry

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Made for the solar industry

Janus is a cloud based CRM and Project Management software developed for the solar industry. With years of experience working with solar companies, we saw a need in the industry for a solution made specifically for it. With Janus you are able to streamline and manage operations from the first contact with a customer all the way through aftercare and monitoring of their solar panel system. Customizable and easy to use, Janus makes running a solar company easy!

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A powerful administrative tool

With Janus, a solar company can manage all aspects of day to day and long term operations. The all in one system makes it easy to see at glance all aspects of business. The dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of installations, calendars and various quick reports tailored to fit the need and style of your company.

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 A solar company CRM

Janus is designed to work within the industry standards and customized to fit your workflow. Manage your leads through the entire process in a manner that makes sense to your company. Offering various integrations, the CRM portion of Janus converts sales quickly and saves your team time.

Additionally manage your clients easily with Janus. Offering integration with Solar Edge and other monitoring systems you can quickly see all the details of any given project.

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A Seamless Project Management System

With a combination of CRM and Project management you can easily move through the various phases of an installation. The ability to create custom task templates and modify them on the fly streamlines your project management. Task assignment and completion also gives you a real-time status of all of your various projects.

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Contractor Management

Janus features a robust contractor management and tracking system. A push notification system informs your contractors of their work for the day and allows them to check in at the site as well as details their tasks for the installation. This check in also allows for payroll integration.

Additionally, the in the field app allows for contractors to upload photos and documents directly to the specific project. This is easy to use and as simple as taking a photo with a iPhone or Android device.

Easy file management

Streamlining your data management with Janus is extremely easy. All of your files and uploads reside within the system associated with a specific project and client. This makes finding all of the information and documents about any given project easy. All of your data is secure in the cloud.

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Built in ticketing system

Janus additionally offers a ticketing system for any unforeseen services that your clients may require. This ticketing system allows you to assign tasks and manage open cases until they have reached their conclusion.

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Janus Reporting

Robust Reporting

Run custom reports to see snapshots of any aspect of your company. This includes reports on sales, personnel, and active tickets.

Customer Service

With Janus, your solar clients can install a branded application on their smartphone for your company. This allows them to track the status of their installation, view their panel production, as well as message your customer service team within the Janus system.

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