Janus was developed by the team at Zero Six Media. Founded in 2002, Zero Six Media has always endeavored in innovate, integrate, and elevate businesses. Over the last two decades, we have grown to be a full service software development company that offers a multitude in related services including digital marketing, order fulfillment, print and promotional items. Our clients have ranged from small mom and pop companies all the way to Fortune 500 companies. Around 2010 is when we began working with solar companies in various capacities. The longer that we worked with this industry, the more we saw reoccurring challenges that solar companies faced. Regardless or region or size, these high tech companies were incurring logistical losses due to either low tech or overly complicated options that were not even created for the solar industry. After observing this for enough time, we set out to create a software solution specifically for solar companies. We wanted to streamline the entire management thereof with a useable software solution. This gave rise to what is now Janus.

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